Simontag Design Studio
Original handmade clay & stone jewellery

Simontag Design Studio

Original handmade clay & stone jewellery

About Me

We developed clay and stone Art hand-made jewellery.
In the portfolio you can see our new collection.There
are introduced the last series of models.

The materials which we use are traditional brown clay
and small size sea rocks. Them size is from 1 to 3 inches. We use natural water-colours and fix them with harmless water resistant varnish.

Every one is hand-made and every one is unique.
if you are looking for something different, native and
painted for once, our ceramic jewellery are made just for that purpose to make you happy, to bring you joy.

Simontag Jewellery

This is our vision for beautiful daily jewellery bright part for everybody's individual style and fashion look. If you are interested, go to a trip in our gallerys and find your own clay or stone pendant. We guarantee the high quality and specific design.


Graphic Design

Actualy this is my profesion, Im graphic designer in one of the famous advertisement cervice in Burgas. I made some of this projects during I'm at home in my free time.
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